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Life has been defined as “the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual.”
My photographic vision.
My experience of the sudden passing of both my brother and mother and the

familial crises that followed those deaths were life changing and a catalyst

to “reinvent” myself.  This became a time to express my inner turmoil through

the camera lens and onto paper, creating photos that others might be moved

by. Pictures meant to be looked at and empathized with, again and again.

Perhaps to bring a sense of peace to the viewer as they have for the

photographer, me.   

My practice of photography began years ago, but during this tumultuous

point in my life, it took on new meaning.  Photography became my focus

and outlet for the expression of my losses.  In my solitude, I spent hours

improving my photography technique as well as delving into previously

unexplored subject matter.
For example, my water- drop photography.  When I began these micro

studies of the moment a water drop touches a body of water, I experimented with a system that would capture that fleeting moment.   Patience and tenacity paid off, and you will find these photos a technical wonder of color, beauty and immediacy. When experimenting with post processing software I developed different techniques and applied them to the water drops to add a bit of whimsy, as well as creating joyful movement to the images.
The images on this site are a reflection of a period of an emotional and chaotic time in my life. When I look back, I can see my emotions played out in the “feel” of the images, but reflected more so in the category “Whimsical Art”.  Art is a medium of expression and I am thankful that I found an outlet for these emotions and I invite you to share this beauty with me. I am photographing “life” and love what I am doing.  
I hope that sharing this work with you brings a sense of what you may need if you yourself are at a crossroads; perhaps a sense of peace, joy, calm, a lifting of burdens. Or, simply something nice to look at in your home or office.   
 The name “JayCS” originates from a combination of my maiden name and my late brother’s name….a “living” reminder that he and my Mom opened up this opportunity and journey for me which I will continue to follow.